Thrift Store Warehouse Destruction

Dear Friends, Donators, and Supporters,

On the night of Monday January 2nd, 2017 Albany, GA was slammed with a devastaving storm which produced one tornado and straight line winds at speeds of 90 mph.

Albany was declared a state of emergency by our Governor, with several thousand people without power and property damages in the millions across our community.

Among this damage, was our 10,000 sq ft Thrift Store Warehouse located at 614 W Roosevelt Ave, which was completely demolished to the ground. While we are very grateful that no one was hurt, the financial impact will be very severe for us. Our warehouse served as our primary source of daily income for our ministry. It housed all of our donated furniture and non-parishable food donations that we had just acquired during the 2016 holiday season.

We want everyone to know though, that the Thrift Store is OPEN and still functioning. The store itself didn't receive any damage and we encourage all of you to continue to send us any and all donations.

We need your help now more then ever to help us in the rebuilding process. If you’d like to donate items, please call the Ministry office at (229) 435-7615 for instructions on where to deliver your donation or to arrange for a pick-up.




Monetary donations can be made online or mailed to:
Albany Rescue Mission
604 N. Monroe St.
Albany, GA 31701